Project Description

Woodside Senior Apartments – Is a garden style, “Active Senior” Apartment Complex, in Ontario CA. 144 units are split amongst 2 separate Raypak Hi-Delta boiler systems, each with 100 gallons of storage and multiple recirculation loops which are buried in the ground. Each system was providing water to tenants from 125° to 135°+ with return temperatures ranging from as low as 110° up to 120° within seven seperate loops.

GreenBoxEnergy performed detailed analysis of the operation for a period of 2 weeks to determine the supply and demand profiles for each day of the week and find where there was operational waste.  Then in small increments, temperature changes were implemented to assure that savings could be achieved without impact to the tenants. It was also noted during baseline collection that the boiler system at one of the locations was cycling on and off excessively while only running for a short duration during each cycle.

Through a combination of temperature reduction and setback, on/off delay timing, and a wider operational dead band, GreenBoxEnergy is providing a safer (yet still adequate) hot water environment by limiting maximum delivered temperature to 125°. We have reduced boiler cycling by more than 20%, reduced loop loss by an average of 5-7° per loop, and is achieving a sustained average daily savings of 19.3%.