Project Description

Harbour Ridge is Condominium Complex in Salt Lake, consisting of (1) large hot water zone, served by a combination of (3) heat pumps, and (2) commercial water heaters (predominantly for backup), delivering hot water to the AOAO owners in the 120° range, with return temperatures between 116° and 117°.

GreenBox Energy in conjunction with the onsite contractor, Honeywell, performed detailed analysis determining that the primary heat source was not running as efficiently as possible, and was being supplemented by the booster heat pumps. No one knew of the issue because the temperatures being delivered to the tenants were adequate, however the cost was unnecessarily high.

Through implementation of GreenBox control methodologies Harbour Ridge is now operating back to the way it was originally designed, delivering improved temperatures to the Owners and tenants, and an operational cost reduction of over $1,800 per month, equivalent to a 40% reduction in hot water generation costs.