Project Description

Castelar – a 101 unit, afforfable housing property in Los Angeles, CA. Consisting of (2) Raypak Hi Delta boilers, and supplemental solar for system pre-heat. Hot water was being delivered to the residents at 130-140+° and returning at 125-130°, 24×7.

GreenBoxEnergy performed detailed analysis of the hot water operation for 2 weeks, analyzing the supply and demand profiles for each day of the week to determine where there was operational waste and potential savings.  It was found that most of the demand was being covered by one heater and in the current configuration the 2nd heater was almost never running. It was also determined that the set point temperature of 135° was excessive especially with the contribution from the solar array, which would cause mid day supply temperatures to occasionally spike past 140°.

Through a combination of temperature setback and implementation of a lead/lag rotational schedule, GreenBoxEnergy is now providing an ongoing average daily savings of 17.1% and the implemented a boiler rotation strategy ensures that both boilers get equal run time throughout the month, by changing roles as lead on a week to week basis. The current settings allow for savings, even boiler contribution, a more economical and safer maximum delivery temperature of 128°, and has reduced loop loss from 7-10° to an average of 5°