1350 Ala Moana

Project Description

1350 Ala Moana is a Condominium Complex on Oahu, consisting of (1) hot water zone, served by a combination of (4) heat pumps delivering hot water to the AOAO owners in the 125° range.

GreenBox and 1350 Ala Moana utilized the logging and operational data acquired from the operation of the hot water system, performing detailed analysis of the performance of each heat pump. With this data, a service and maintenance plan was determined.

The combination of maintenance to the hot water system, and the setback strategy during low use periods, generated sustained savings of over 24% equivalent to $1,500 per month.

Further, the visibility into the operational data has been exceptional in quantifying the results of service work performed on the environment. The ability to determine the value of the service work performed and turn that into an actual dollar figure is a brand new capability in hot water maintenance and a true benefit of GreenBox energy technology.