Welcome To GreenBoxEnergy

Let’s talk about your Centralized Energy environment, (Hot Water, Hydronic, AC). In building operations these environments are historically cost centers, with no insight or visibility as to what drives the actual cost.  Facilities personnel don’t have tools to keep them informed of operations, storage conditions, or temperatures throughout their buildings.

GreenBoxEnergy takes that blind spot in your facility management and shines a bright light on it.  Our approach and technology is very sophisticated but the solution is very simple.  We provide ongoing monitoring of your environment, including detailed data on heat pump/boiler/chiller/AC operations, storage conditions, temperature readings and energy consumption.

We analyze analyze the operational data to develop an operational temperature profile for your building that results in guaranteed savings, as well as improved equipment function, prolonged equipment life and overall operational efficiency. The results are significant…We turn your environment from an operational challenge into a smoothly functioning part of your facilities operation’s portfolio, with ongoing cash flow positive results, proactive maintenance and no finger pointing.

Who Is GreenBoxEnergy

To provide Centralized Energy monitoring, base-lining, analyzing, controlling, optimizing, data logging and alerting, resulting in operational efficiency, safety and savings in the form of reduced kwh and therm consumption, without any impact to the end user. With this extreme volume of ongoing data, you know exactly how much every consumer on your zone is spending, per day, month, year.
• We put our Customers first and strive to secure their loyalty through unmatched service and results.

• We embrace Professionalism and seek Excellence in everything we do.

• We do our best to explain, educate and present information to our clients and their service providers to help produce positive results for all parties, backed by data and facts.

More than a promise, it’s actual results based on your data, your efficiency, and your environment. Together, we will help you achieve and sustain an optimized hot water environment based on your unique criteria.

Our Crazy Skills

Environment Analysis
Reporting both Automated & Adhoc
Alert Notification & Problem Identification
Energy Savings
Temperature Optimization